What is SAORI free-style weaving?
The principles specific to SAORI weaving have been a major
influence in my development as a fiber artist.  SAORI was
developed by Misao Jo in Osaka, Japan in the 1960s.  She began to weave in her fifties and continued until her death at age 104.  Her wisdom and generosity of spirit remain an inspiration to the SAORI weaving community  worldwide.  The “SA” of SAORI is the first syllable of the word “SAI” which is found in Zen vocabulary. It means everything has its own individual dignity.  And the “ORI” means weaving.
     More than just a free-style technique, the SAORI philosophy emphasizes authenticity and spontaneous creative flow.  Misao Jo said “In SAORI, we do not weave only a cloth.  We weave our true self. ”  In this practice, there are no rules or patterns to follow, and nothing is considered a mistake.  The weaving is meant to look made by a human, not by a machine.  The focus is on curiosity and experiencing, and on the pure joy of allowing your heart to guide the colors and textures as a way of inviting the cloth to come into being.  

What are healing and memory-keeper weavings?
These weavings create a unique gift to support someone in their illness or healing process or as a remembrance in honor of a deceased loved one.  I incorporate a variety of items that you choose for their special meaning:  old-favorite clothing, jewelry, beads, messages or poems written on fabric, symbols of favorite animals (feathers, totem charms), or anything else that carries special energy for you .  Please contact me for further information if you’d like to commission this kind of weaving.

In this Healing Blessing for a woman dealing with cancer,
I’ve woven in the t-shirt that came from the cafe where
she and her husband had their first date, some charms
given to her by her children, a key to symbolize unlocking
her healing potential, a lock of her hair to symbolize her womanhood, and feathers to honor her love of birds.


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I have a different question.
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Finally, a moment of inspiration
caused me to think that the spirit of weaving was found in the practice of breaking away from conventional ways of thinking and living a life faithful to your true self.

Misao Jo